The uber exclusive North Island Resort, Seychelles


North Island is one of the forty granitic islands of the Seychelles, which are located around the two main islands of Mahé and Praslin. On an island larger than Monte Carlo, yet with only a handful of guest villas, North Island’s architect’s, Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, and a team of craftsmen from Africa, Zanzibar, Bali and the Seychelles, have created a fusion of cultures and architectural styles to produce a “Robinson Crusoe luxury paradise” unlike any other. Before the designer began designing the property they undertook extensive research that strongly indicated that in today’s overcrowded world, people were increasingly looking for privacy and their own space. It is precisely this concept that became the cornerstone and major influence of the design of the Villas and a point of focus to ensure that guests really enjoyed spending time in their Villa if they so wished. With this in mind, they designed Villas that measure 450 square metres (4 890 square feet) which was felt to be the optimum size to provide the feeling of exclusivity and space.

Enough room spreading out to enjoy a unique, private, island-style experience to the fullest. The idea was to make sure the Villas would bring this sense to life, but at the same time be a simple space in which to free the mind and refresh the soul, with the sound of the waves moving endlessly on the beach just a few steps away.

Each villa is completely screened from view by careful siting in harmony with the natural vegetation, ensuring total privacy as well as ocean views. Lovingly handcrafted on the island from wood, the villa’s have been built using local stone and glass, with thatched “alang alang” roofs.  The open-plan flow of the villas are completely self-contained with a luxuriously proportioned master bedroom, change-room area with a huge en-suite bathroom with large marble bath and a second room that functions as a study or lounge.
Not forgetting outside shower for those who can’t get enough of the fresh island air and private pool Air-conditioning, overhead “punkah punkah” fans and fully retracting sliding windows (for 270-degree views) provide a pampering environment for the enjoyment of the balmy ocean breezes.

North Island Seychelles view from beach

Away from the villas there is also a beautiful health spa and gym, a breathtakingly lovely swimming pool hewn into a granitic outcrop and a “Tropical Heat” Sunset Bar tucked away on Grande Anse on the western side of the island. The concept and establishment of an Eco-sensitive lodge on the island was preceded by years of research and coordination with government conservation bodies, with all parties committed to ensuring the protection of the natural environment and biodiversity. Ten years down the line, the conscientious pursuit of such policies is now reaping it’s just rewards.

Here is a place that unashamedly aims at providing the very best in privacy, location, accommodation, services, facilities and experience, yet has restored its environment to a place of verdant plenty, a Noah’s Ark afloat in warm tropical waters in colours of blue and aquamarine.