V4 House, designed by MK27 – Brazil

Studio MK27 V4 House 7

The second of our Marcio kogan featured projects and one which has not gone unnoticed by the architectural world, is this one-storey submerged house which stretches to the extremities of the site.
Distinguished by its lack of walls, the property allows the interior to flow effortlessly onto the lush outside environment. Many of Studio MK27’s projects can be distinguished by their amazing structural proportions, their pure and modern lines, synonymous with principle architect Marcio Kogan’s style. With each new project contemporary architecture is forced to optimize spaces and use the maximum of each square meter of the site in which it occupies.
The solution adopted for the unique positioning of this home, known simply as “V4” required a dialogue with the dimension of the site, formulating an adequate relation between the scale of the construction and the site. In contract to the surrounding houses, in this garden neighbourhood of São Paulo, V4 House is a lower ground home which almost disappears when seen from the street, coming with a private courtyard facing inwards towards the centre of the property.

The sprawling ground-floor 600 sqm house, which took three years to complete, has a distinguishing flat slab roof supported by a series of columns. A long wooden wall divides the property’s configuration of the private and public functional areas of the house. The vast exposed concrete roof mass with integrated beams extends perpendicularly to the wooden wall disappears into the natural stone retaining wall, defining the property lines. This space doubles as an exterior deck as well as shading the social area of the house, hall, integrated living and dining rooms. Two rows of door frames on both sides of the living room can be completely retracted, allowing for a total integration between the front garden, the living room and the back patio.

The floor of the house using basaltino stone and the ceiling constructed of raw concrete create an industrial and yet warm and engaging atmosphere. Under this concrete slab, the spaces are bathed by an indirect natural light throughout the day.
The entrance directs attention to the wooden panels on both sides with well-placed contemporary furniture and a painting of old Brazil. A beautiful table made to order of ipe, a local wood, and circled by curved chairs designed by Hans Wegner and produced in light wood, forms the centrepiece of the dining room section of the house. The focal point of the house is the almost floating fireplace made of cast iron with a retro-futuristic design suspended from the ceiling.

The living room section with four club chairs made of transparent rope were also designed by Hans Wegner. The lightness of these pieces allows for the complete visual integration on both sides of the garden. The third section of the living space is represented by the green velvet sofa chairs, a library and electronic equipment stand. And finally, a space that is permanently open with a barbecue and long rustic wooden table.
The full left side of the house is also a succession of functions first of which is the kitchen, which immediately serves the social area.
A light wood cladding provides the necessary privacy for the bedrooms and baths, and the tan coloured wicker like material on both interior and exterior walls further blend the boundary between what is open and what is enclosed. The bathroom of the master bedroom, situated at the end of this axis opens to a small winter garden, removed from the rest of the house. Comprised of stone, glass, wood, board-formed concrete, expansive glazing, natural light, visual and physical access to a landscaped garden, V4 is a striking interpretation of contemporary living.

All images courtesy of MK27.